A selector shall:

  • Attend State and Regional Championships as requested
  • Record statistics according to schedules set up by the chair of the selection panel;
  • Endeavor to assist the National Convenor of Selectors with advice on player performance when requested;
  • Attend training camps when requested by the Head Coach; and
  • To observe, assess and report on all State team representatives, with an assessment of D=Definite; M= Moderate; F= Follow with a one-line summary for the other Selectors


A selector shall have the following resources available for the execution of the role:

  • The assistance of the State affiliated body;
  • Assistance from the Softball Australia office as advised by the State Head Coaches
  • Assistance from the official statistician at each State event;


A selector reports to and is accountable to the Convenor of Selectors

A selector is expected to develop and maintain effective communication with:

  • the other members of the selection panel;
  • the official statistician at any event at which the selector is operating;
  • the coaches

A selector is expected to conform with the Rules and Regulations of Softball Australia and, the following Regulations (available from Softball Australia):

  • Australian Team Regulations;
  • Member Protection Regulations; and
  • Anti-Doping Policy