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Welcome to the Softball Australia Presenter/Facilitator and Assessors online learning material and assessment

Softball Australia has designed this course with the aim to equip presenters and facilitators with the skills to deliver quality and effective coaching and officiating programs. Presenters and Assessors require varied and specialised skills to adequately fulfill their roles, this course is designed to assist in developing skills, knowledge and understanding around these roles.

This course has been designed for ease of completion, involving online remote learning, and anytime completion status.

Designed to allow individualised learning and personal development, the course includes quizzes that help you decide which areas you are confident in and what areas need further development. Giving you the opportunity to plan your learning and work on areas that you feel need improvement.

The course includes reading packages and course learning via multiple platforms and resources to expand general understanding and assist in personal development.

This course and all resources can be utilised at any time and we encourage that you come back and revisit learnings and content. Please seek to explore and share good practices relating to this area and aim to continually reflect on current competencies and areas of improvement.

This course is broken down into 2 sections:

  1. Presenter/Facilitator
  2. Assessor

Treat these areas as separate when completing the course however keep in mind these areas work alongside each other and a depth of knowledge in both makes for better officiating.

Learning Outcomes:

At the completion of this course, you will understand the following key areas:


  • Creating good workshops
  • Catering for diversity
  • Adapting to fit learning styles
  • Preparing presentations
  • Planning for success


  •  What, Why and How of assessment
  • Principles of assessment
  • Types of assessment
  • Competency-based assessment
  • Assessing for improvement

Course Duration:

The course length varies for each individual, the majority of the time is focused on the core content items. However, everything is self-promoting you can choose which modules and areas of assessment you would like to work on.

The course can take up to 90 minutes in total to complete, we recommend taking your time to complete the course at a time most suited to you.


This course aims to help individuals prepare for assessment, at the conclusion of this course and preparation period you will apply for assessment. This assessment will involve an online zoom call with an external assessor, where you will be deemed competent or not competent.

You can choose to apply for assessment for both areas (Presenter and Assessor) or just one.

Please note the total course cost includes assessment for both areas.

Softball Australia strongly recommends that you complete both assessments in the Presenter and Assessor areas, resulting in more flexibility and opportunity in the future as well as broadening your expertise.

Please ensure you read and understand the key assessment criteria prior to applying for assessment, regardless of previous knowledge, time within the sport or general confidence.

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