2 Umpire System

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In the two-umpire rotation system, as implied by the word ‘rotation’, there is an expectation that umpires move into positions appropriate for each play. For this system to operate efficiently it is necessary for both umpires to achieve and maintain a reasonable level of fitness.  

The information referring to positioning and the calling of plays is written for ideal circumstances and for the best possible positioning for the majority of plays. However, situations will arise where you will need to have the knowledge, anticipation and alertness to make adjustments to achieve the best possible position to correctly call the play.  


The participant will be able to: 

  • Explain the Division Principle 
  • Explain the Infield/Outfield Principle 
  • Explain the Leading Runner Principle 
  • Demonstrate the correct position to assume at the pre-game meeting 
  • Demonstrate the correct position to assume between innings 
  • Demonstrate the correct starting positions for each umpire with none, one, two and three runners on base 
  • Demonstrate the 2-Umpire infield rotation 
  • Demonstrate the 2-Umpire outfield rotation 

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